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An introductory presentation to R:


Not quite ready for a command line world? Try the Rcmdr. This is a graphical user interface for routine tasks (ANOVA, linear regression, distribution plots). You will loose flexibility but will hopefully gain ease of use.


A script that runs many of the examples on this page without having to download them:


An Example

Most people I know have data in some sort of spreadsheet (e.g., MS Excel) and move it from application to application via tab delimited text files. I’ve put together an example session which includes inputting data from a white-space delimited text file and examples of histograms, scatterplots, ANOVA, and PCA. You’ll need the data (which is actually provided with R, but I’ve turned it into a text file for the purposes of this example): Iris Example: includes data import and some basic statistical analyses

Data: iris_data.txt

As well as the script: iris_data_analysis.r

Another Example

Bumpus's data is rather famous in evolutionary biology circles. Out of 136 sparrows collected after a winter storm, over half revived in his laboratory. Bumpus made morphometric measurements to try to demonstrate selection on certain traits for survival of the winter storm. Let's take a look at the data ourselves:

Data: bumpus.txt

Script: bumpus.r

My script: bumpus_bjk_dec_2007.r

Clustering: Methods for continuous data (e.g., UPGMA, NJ)


requires the Iris data

Methods for discrete data (e.g., DNA)


Population Genetics:

The Neutral Wright-Fisher Model.

The Wright-Fisher Model (with mutation and selection).

The Binomial distribution.


Logistic growth model

Lotka-Volterra competition model

Spatial Statistics:

Maps and IDW interpolation

R package management:

Brian's package management script.

Brian's package management script (old).

R Group speakers:

Data structures

Peter Dolan

Spatial Statistics

Dr. Julia Jones

R Graphics

Mark Christie

R Graphics lecture


R Animation

Josef Uyeda

Microarray data analysis

Dr. Rongkun Shen


My recommendation for a intro to R book (Thanks to Heather Lintz!):

How to connect to:

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