Data Manipulation and Management

This page provides a forum to share code for manipulating and managing data, either pre-analysis or during preliminary analysis. The code and comments provided here can be especially helpful when dealing with really large data sets (including those too big for Excel to open!).

The following files are from the R Group presentation on Nov. 19, 2008, by Angela Brandt. (code provided courtesy of Eric Seabloom and Stan Harpole) Note that the data files are in text format; save them as .csv to use the example script as written, or change all the “read.csv” commands to “read.table”.

Sample Data Manipulation Script Archive of 2008 Cover Data Files 2004-2007 Cover Data in Finished Format Site Species List with Attributes Experimental Treatment Plan

Another couple of great commands to use when manipulating data are edit('data frame') (gives a spreadsheet interface of your data frame) and 'head' (returns first 10 or so rows of data frame, you tell it how many) – courtesy of Brian Knauss.

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