Welcome to the new R group Wiki!

This page is just getting started. Hopefully, this page will become community property and provide a stable source of scripts and tutorials for R users through the years.

You can edit or add pages as long as you are a user (I have added everybody on the email list, check your email for your user name and password). To learn how to do it (it's super easy!) go the the Dokuwiki manual:

The Dokuwiki Manual

The R group was founded by Brian Knaus a couple years ago, and this site will host much of his content that he has collected over the years after he and his website leave. The idea of a wiki is that presenters and group members will be able to edit and add content to the site easily.

SCHEDULE of R group meetings

What day works best for you? Click here to vote.

PRESENTERS of past R group meetings

This year we will continue having one meeting a month. Generally, we will meet in ALS 4000, which is a multimedia room with connections for laptops. Presentations last for an hour and cover a range of topics in R, from introductory topics to advanced topics such as integrating R with other software packages, programming languages and advanced statistical methods. Anouncements for R groups are made through the R mailing list. If you would like to be on the list, please email me at uyedaj@science.oregonstate.edu.

I have moved Brian Knaus's website to here:

Brian Knaus's R Website

Helpful R links!

Data Manipulation and Management Forum

Script Archive

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